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Bill Pierce


Live Music Page

January 2024


My new album is finally out on Bandcamp! Nomad of the North is 9 songs of my rock/metal side. There is a link below to 

The release was on Winter Solstice 2023, during the aftermath of 400000 Mainers being without power.  Due to a superstorm that had hurricane-force winds and massive flooding. Luckily we have a generator and Elon's Starlink that I use on the road for internet.  I held a Facebook event live as a listening party. It was much more fun than playing live on the internet as I got to comment and message listeners while listening to the album.  The cds and vinyl records will be released in March and I am looking for a venue in Bangor to do a release party. I will play live with my backing track set up.. Come back here to get the details TBA.

The student count is very high right now. I am so proud of the young shredders and Jazz students. One student Thomas from Hampden has made incredible strides at UMA this last semester. He sounds like a guy that's been playing standard jazz for 25 years, yet he is only 18! All of the students bring me the joys of learning music that is quite challenging, Polyphia, Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen, EJ, SRV, Metheny, Bad Omens,  Asking Alexandria, Coltrane,VAI, EVH are the songs students are currently learning in my lessons. When I learns to perform some of these songs it pushes me to become a much better player, teacher and writer! The online program is still alive as well so I can help folks wherever they are!  I have availability on some mornings.  Email me for mor info!

Bill has 3 bands he plays with. His band under his name and 2 cover bands Shyboy and The Altar Boys.

The Altar Boys

Shy Boy

Gigs 2024

Feb 2nd, 7pm-10pm The Hightide

Feb 9th, 9pm-1am Penobscot Pourhouse

Mar 16th, 7pm-10pm The Hightide

June 22nd, Hermon Family Campground 6-10pm 


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