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Bill Pierce


Spring is here! April 2021 update. New happenings. I am tweaking my live online music performance setup. I upgraded to M1 mac so now I have the means to stream insanely great vid and digital sound for live performances. I am working on exciting cover songs by Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, and Satch as well as the ones I am known for. (Eric Johnson, Charlie Daniels, Dire Straits, etc) The students are my lifeline during this canceled music pandemic we all live in. I am grateful to all of you! The students have done some amazing things such as Nick from Plymouth has memorized Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert. Thomas or "T" from Hampden Maine has absorbed Eric Johnsons Cliffs of Dover at age 16!  Bassist Rylee of Carmel Maine has excelled at the 1st Berklee Bass book and continues to remotely play with her School show choir band.  The adults are doing really well too. Like Joe from Eddington catching the groove on Walk This Way. Brett from Dedham has released his first solo cd. Teaching is how I travel the journey of music with all of the students. BANDS? I have some cover gigs booked finally! See the live music page for dates and venues.

Live Music Page

What do my Facetime/Zoom/Skype lessons provide? Every style, every level! Beginners are always welcome. My approach to your learning is based on getting the beginners playing songs and avoiding the eons of online materials that confuse you! Intermediate players: we take care of the business by working on technique, improvisation, scale mastery, chord construction/understanding, theory,  and ear training. Advanced players, we work on whatever you need help on. RSI issues,  chops, versatility, shred subjects such as, sweeping, efficiency picking, alt picking.  Metal, Rock,  Blues, Jazz, Classical, Country,  Singer-Songwriter,  and Composition.  SIGHT READING!!!!  Email or Text today for more info.   Covid19 can not stop our music journey!

Bill has 3 bands he plays with. His band under his name and 2 cover bands Shyboy and The Altar Boys.

The Altar Boys

Shy Boy

GIGS 2021 

Carolinas Bangor May 8, 7-11 pm w/The Altar Boys

Carolinas Bangor  June 18, 7-11 pm w/The Altar Boys

Carolinas Bangor July 17, 7-11 pm w/The Altar Boys

Penobscot Pourhouse  Bangor July 23, 9 pm-1 am w/ Shyboy

Carolinas  Bangor August 21, 7-11 pm w/The Altar Boys

Carolinas  Bangor September 11, 7-11 pm w/The Altar Boys

Penobscot Pourhouse  Bangor September 18, 9 pm-1 am w/ Shyboy