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Bill Pierce


Winter 2021-2022 update. Lessons are very busy and I am happy to be working with so many different kinds of students. Folks that know me are well aware that I am very committed to my community in New England. And yes, If you are from my area you are my priority. I love New England and if you need my help, I will do whatever I can to help you! 

Whats up with my music? I am working with a mixing engineer, Gerard Vachon and Maines guru of analog mastering, Arlo West. The process for releasing is slow because we are all busy bust busy, so please have patience, the album will be out Winter 2022. I am going to release a limited amount of cds. The art is awesome so they will sell quickly. I am blown away by how many guitar music fans still love cds! For all you internet app lovers. Spotify, amazon and Youtube will have the 166k mp3 version...But, remember you are being robbed of a good music experience! A cd has wav files which are 35-90 mb in size, mp3 is 2-7mb!

Live music? This winter my cover bands have a few gigs which will be listed on my live music page. Being inside with a Friedman BE 100 is definetly a challange! Shyboy and The Altar Boys look forward to seeing you at shows in venues such as: Thr Penobscot Pour House, The Bears Den, The Hightide and other venues TBA.

Live Music Page

Bill has 3 bands he plays with. His band under his name and 2 cover bands Shyboy and The Altar Boys.

The Altar Boys

Shy Boy

GIGS 2021-2022

T12-17-21    7-10 pm  The Altar Boys At The Hightide Brewer Maine 

12-18-21   9pm-1230am Shyboy At Penobscot Pourhouse Bangor Maine

12-31-21 8-12pm Shyboy at Old Town Elks


1-8-22 9pm-1230am Shyboy At The Penobscot Pourhouse Bangor Maine

1-28-22 9pm-1230am Shyboy At The Bears Den in Dover-Foxcroft Maine

4-9-22  9pm-1230am Shyboy At The Penobscot Pourhouse Bangor Maine

7-29-22 9pm-1230am Shyboy At The Penobscot Pourhouse Bangor Maine

10-1-22 9pm-1230am Shyboy At The Penobscot Pourhouse Bangor Maine

12-16-22 9pm-1230am Shyboy At The Penobscot Pourhouse Bangor Maine