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Welcome To My Press Kit


             I am surviving the covid19 reality by releasing my new song called The Toilet Paper               Apocalypse.  See the link at the top of this page. As a teacher I am so grateful to                    be teaching some lessons on Zoom meeting. I have always done some vid con

             lessons so I have stepped up my chops in zoom lessons! I still have open lesson                   slots so if you like what you see and here email me today. How can I help you?



Bill Pierce is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, teacher and live performer from Bangor Maine. He is well known in the guitar community and has extensive live playing experience touring in the New England area. He was featured in Guitar World Magazine in 1993, Face Magazine 1994, Bangor Daily News 1993, guitar 9 2002 and Guitar 2000 Magazine in 2003. His music has been featured on WZON, Z62, WTOS as well as numerous Indie Net Radio stations.

His music is filled with beautiful melodies and intense rock vibes that have earned him his place

in the guitar and shred communities. If you like Van Halen, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Gary Moore, Eric Johnson, and Scott Henderson, you will like Bill's music. Bill has a rich discography of 3 solo releases, Mirrors, Ripped and his 2019 release Nomad of the North. He also releases vocal rock under his songwriting name Man vs Himself. He has done studio sessions on releases such as Say It Ain’t So Joe (1986) By The No Damn Yankee, Roc Babi (2019) as well as many other studio recordings for commercials and other artists. Recently, Bill is releasing singles for his new album NOMAD OF THE NORTH.  The full album release is on March 19th, 2020.  He is scheduled to Tour in spring 2020.


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